The Lëtzebuerger Oldtimer Federatioun ASBL ’ (LOF) is the Federation of classic and historical car ownership organisations for all motorised vehicles - cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, military vehicles and tractors. Founded in 1992, LOF is the National Fiva Authority (ANF) for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our association currently counts 56 member assosiations with a fleet of more than 6.000 historic vehicles.

Our objectives are the protection, preservation and promotion of historic vehicles on a legislative and cultural level.

The Federation represents the affiliated clubs and maintains the dialogue with the decision-makers in the Grand Duchy.

The LOF defends the interests of collectors in terms of preservation and to maintain the unrestricted use of our historical vehicles on public roads by unifying all the enthusiasts for the same cause.

The LOF organizes the ‘Autojumble’ in spring to gather all actors who share the same hobby in one place before the beginning of each season.

The ‘LOF Oldtimer Breakfast’ is a monthly event (following the example of the cars & coffee events), organized from April until October in collaboration with our partners and sponsors.

The objective of the ‘Oldtimerday Luxembourg’ is to promote and share the passion for historic vehicles. The aim of the Oldtimerday is to promote the historical vehicles within the meaning of the statutes of the LOF ASBL and also to defend the unrestricted use of our technical heritage on the roads of today and tomorrow.

‘LOF Oldtimertour for Télévie’ is an annual historic vehicle hike, organised by the LOF ASBL, for the benefit of the Télévie charity organisation. It helps to raise funds for scientific research against cancer and leukemia.



1. Commission of the manifestation

Mr WAGNER  M.: (+352) 26 30 02 36


Mr REUTER Manuel

Mr STAMMET Georges

Mrs PISANI Michèle

Mrs RYLOW Agathe

International relationships. Examination and decision on the requests from foreign organizers organizing an event on the Luxembourg territory. Organization and control of national and international events. Connection with the FIVA Events Commission. Coordination between clubs. Registration of events on the calendar of events. Work in cooperation with other LOF committees.

2. Technical Commission

President:  Mr HANSEN Jean M.: (+352) 34 84 42



Responsible for the identification and classification of old vehicles. Issue of FIVA identity cards required for participation in international events listed on the International Federation calendar. Connection with other clubs and alliances. Connection with the FIVA Technical Commission. Work in cooperation with the Commission and the Legislation and Finance Committee.

3. Legislative and Financial Commission

President: Mr MEDINGER Daniel

Mr KRIER Jim M.: (+352) 621 16 05 14


Responsible for monitoring the evolution of the regulations, in particular the European regulations, ensuring the consultation with the FIVA representatives of the other countries. Interventions with the public authorities if necessary. Assist clubs and collectors with legal advice. Liaison with the legislative commission of FIVA. Internal control of finances. Elaboration of budgets. Sponsorship.

4. Motorcycles Commission

Mr WETZ Albert

Responsible for all specific motorcycle problems. Connection with the Motorcycle Commission of FIVA, MUL and FIM.


5. History and Heritage Commission

Mr MAATHUIS Guy  M.: (+352) 691 83 25 42

Mr REUTER Manuel

Research, documentation and archives. Work in close collaboration with the different clubs. Connection with the History and Heritage Commission of FIVA. Work in cooperation with the Events Commission.

6. Military and Utility Vehicles Commission

Mr STEINES Gilbert

Mr HEINEN Gilles

Mr CARBON Georges

The Military and Commercial Vehicles Commission deals with problems, events and commemorations specific to this category of vehicles.


7. Youngtimer Commission

President: Mr PLEIN Pascal
M.: (+352) 621 20 36 26 

Mr LIMA Carlo


The Youngtimer Commission deals with problems and events specific to this category of vehicles. It works closely with various clubs and associations.
Connection with the Events Committee and the Technical Committee.





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